The Weeknd Tells Fans They're Gonna Get Him In Trouble With His GF!

The Weeknd had to let fans know they're going to get him in trouble with his girl! The Weeknd was performing for the grand opening of HXOUSE in his Toronto hometown on Tuesday night. As always, The Weeknd puts on a show, but he also had a surprise to drop on the crowd. During the show, he tells fans that he has a new album, "Chapter 6", that he is currently working on. That wasn't the only thing thrown out at the show! A fan decided to throw her bra at The Weeknd while on stage! The Weeknd picks up the bra and tells the crowd that they're going to get him in trouble... That is because his girlfriend Bella Hadid was in the crowd watching everything go down! It was a smart move from The Weeknd because he and Bella have been living together in NYC.

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