Cardi B Splits From Offset Over Leaked Text Messages With Another Female Rapper...

Cardi B shared a video on Instagram Tuesday night letting her friends, family, and fans know that her and her husband, Offset, have broken up.. She shares that they will remain friends and that they just fell out of love, but then last night another video was shared on Insta. This video was from model Summer Bunni and she was apologizing to Cardi B for breaking up their marriage. Summer Bunni pleas that she didn't know how serious her and Offset were (uhhhh they were married duh!) and that she never wanted to be a homewrecker.. 


Texts were allegedly leaked to Cardi B and they were the reason for her and Offset's breakup. The leaked texts are allegedly from Offset to Summer Bunni and mentioned having relations with both her and another female rapper, Cuban Doll. People say Cuban Doll tries to copy Cardi's flow, but we'll let you be the judge on that! Sources close to Cardi say she's mad about the potential cheating with another female rapper.


Some were skeptic about the breakup saying it was just a way to promote Offset's new album, but its not looking that way. We'll keep you posted!


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