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Juan Hustle, the energetic afternoon personality for Magic 101.3 hails from Nashville, TN by way of southern Indiana (Evansville). With industry experience gained over 10 years in the broadcasting industry, Mr. Hustle uses his energy to sway both the listener and hottest artists he's interviewing! Being a well known cancer survivor, Juan contributes much of his time towards many cancer awareness projects both regionally and nationally.


HOMETOWN: Evansville, IN

BIRTHDAY/ ZODIAC: March 30. Aries to the core, baby!

FAVORITE FOOD: If I'm cooking, it's whatever. If I'm not cooking, it better be good. If I had to choose, italian cuisine.      


FAVORITE ARTISTS: Jay-Z tops the list. My iTunes is very ecclectic and diverse, so on any random shuffle you could hear anything.

FAVORITE MOVIES: The Green Mile, Boyz N Tha Hood, How To Be A Player, Walk The Line. Really, any good movie and we good.

FIRST JOB: If I could remember, I probably wouldn't even claim it. Soooooo.. Yeah, about this..

WORST JOB: Working for the man! Oh, wait..

FIRST RADIO JOB: Weekends on a college station when I was in high school. That's where the legend began.

MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT ON-THE-AIR: Getting my feet massaged by a coworker who lost an on-air bet with me regarding my Tennessee Titans. Google it.

BIGGEST INFLUENCES: My late mother. Without her raising me and my siblings, I wouldn't be half the man I am today.

FAVORITE WEBSITES: Twitter, cause life evolves around what a person tweets SUPPOSEDLY to some.


Follow @JuanHustle on Twitter and hit "Like on his official Facebook page.



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