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HEYYYYY!!! Its ya girl Shanise Renee, the newest member of the Magic Family! I am so excited about this opportunity to be apart of such an amazing team! I am a native of North Carolina, but I have resided in Philadelphia as well as Harlem and the Bronx. Now I am in good ol' Gainesville rocking out in ya speakers on Saturdays from 10-3pm and Sundays from 10-2pm. I have always had a passion for music. Always. I love the way the words and melodies move you, and speaks to you. I love how there is a song for every mood and every occasion. That is why I do what I do! I also love to dance, laugh, and sing even though I can't carry a tune at all! My absolute favorite genre of music is old school hip-hop! I'm an old school soul:) I am grateful for the opportunity to bring you all the hits, latest news lines, and even some great prizes:) So make sure you join me every weekend on Magic! You can also connect with me on Facebook @ Shanise Renee or Instagram @shaniserenee.



Hometown: Bull City Baby! Durham, NC

Birthday: February 6, 1988 (80's Baby!!)


Zodiac: The trailblazers of the Zodiac world, Aquairus! We give, We love, We do!


Favorite Food: ...And the list goes on and on...Pepperoni pizza with extra cheese, Home made mac and cheese, califlower rice, Pulled pork, Guacamole, Bacon cheeseburgers, and Cotton Candy Ice Cream..just to name a few..


Favorite color: Yellow and purple:)


Favorite Artist: Of course I love me some Beyonce and Jay Z, and I have the biggest "Power" crush on Kendrick Lamar for the way he came in and changed the game; but I have to take it back to the old school and give credit to the greats: Biggie, Tupac, and all the real artists from the 80's and early 90's...when music was real music!


Favorite Movies: Wall Street, Enough, Paid in Full, The Great Debaters, Maid in Manhatten, Coyote Ugly, Bad Boys 1& 2, Training Day, and a million more..


First Job: First legal job was at a Foot Action at the mall back home when I was 16. My first illegal job was a sandwich maker at Quizno's. I was 14, and I was paid out of the cash register lol..But I got a good discount on those subs tho..and picked up some good sandwich-making skills. so my future boyfriend will be impressed:/


Worst Job: Man, I was a custodian at a Gold's Gym back home. The most disgusting job I have ever had! I had to clean all the sweat off the machies, all of them, and clean the bathrooms and mirrors. I think that is part of the reason I don't like gyms now...Iol.. I have flashbacks of all the bacteria and funk that I had to clean nightly..Thank God for upgrades!


First Radio Job: I was a co-host for an Internet Radio Station in New York. We had so much fun, just talking about whatever, playing all types of music, and you could drink on the job lol


Most Embarrassing moment on-air: Mannnn...which one?? I think the worst for me was during my training for The Rickey Smiley Morning Show. I was told to start up the show and my manager was on the way. I completely messed up! I had the show playing with commercials playing over that, I heard music and wasn't sure where it was coming was in panic mode..My boss is on the phone trying to figure out what I did. I had no idea, but in true Shanise fashion I had to completely mess everything order to figure out how to do it right. i thought I was fired, but I am still here..Thankfully! You live and you learn:)


Favorite Websites:

and of course :)


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